Woolworths Is Taking Applications For Liquor Sales Assistant

 Job description

Hey there! If you're wondering what it's like to work at WCellar, let me break it down for you. Our main goal is to provide amazing customer service in the WCellar department. We want to leave a positive and lasting impression on every customer who walks through our doors.

Woolworths Is Taking Applications For Liquor Sales Assistant

What you'll do

Here are some of the things you'll be responsible for when you work with us:

  • If a product is not available, you'll offer alternatives to the customer.
  • You'll handle transactions at the cash register, following our policies and procedures.
  • You'll approach customers with confidence and meet their needs by listening, advising, and suggesting options.
  • You'll help maximize sales and make sure we always have enough stock in the department.
  • You'll learn about our products and make recommendations to customers.
  • You'll create awareness of our products by doing demos.
  • Using your product knowledge, you'll suggest buying options like wine, beer, and spirits.
  • You'll make sure the department is always stocked and has attractive displays.
  • You'll interact with customers in a professional manner.
  • You'll follow stock rotation guidelines.
  • You'll maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.


While meeting these preferences would be great, not having them won't stop companies from considering you:

  • We prefer candidates from EE/AA backgrounds.
  • We prefer candidates from South Africa.
  • English language skills are important.
  • Living within 15km of the job is preferred.
  • A clear criminal record is required.
  • We need someone who can work different shifts and is flexible with their availability.
  • Experience in selling liquor in the Retail or Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry is a plus.
  • Basic computer literacy is required.
  • We expect you to be disciplined when it comes to attendance, dress code, hygiene, and time-keeping.

Application Process

Here's what you need to do when applying for this job:

Assessments required for application:

  • You'll need to complete the Customer-Centric Work Performance Potential Assessment Battery.

Questions required for application:

  • Do you have any other knowledge, skills, or abilities that make you the right person for this job?
  • Have you ever worked for Woolworths or been interviewed/taken a test for a WW job? If yes, why did you leave or when did you take the test?
  • Our stores are open every day of the year, and you'll have to work different shifts. Are you okay with working on public holidays and changing start/end times?
  • Tell us more about yourself and why you applied to Woolworths. Where have you worked before and why did you leave your last job?
  • Think about a time when a shop assistant helped you. What did they do that made your experience great?
  • We have openings for shelf packers and till operators. What do you understand about these jobs?
  • Where do you live? Please provide the specific suburb, district, or city.
  • Have you worked in a sales environment before?
  • Please confirm that all the information you provided is accurate and up to date.
  • Have you ever worked in a wine department or do you have basic knowledge of wine?

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