Mr Price Sport Hiring: Apply for Store Assistant Role

Assist in driving sales, leading a dynamic team, and creating winning strategies in the world of sports retail.

Mr Price Sport Hiring

In the vibrant arena of sports retail, Mr Price Sport is on the lookout for an Assistant Store Manager to step onto the field and make a significant impact. With a focus on teamwork, customer service, and operational efficiency, this role promises an exciting journey for individuals passionate about sports and retail.

Leading the Charge: Responsibilities of an Assistant Store Manager

Leadership: As the Assistant Store Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in leading and motivating a team of sales associates. Your guidance will be instrumental in achieving sales targets and ensuring exceptional customer service standards.

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Customer Service: Excellence in customer service is non-negotiable. You'll lead by example and coach your team to interact with customers effectively, resolving any issues promptly to enhance the shopping experience.

Inventory Management: Maintaining accurate inventory levels is crucial to maximizing sales opportunities. You'll assist in keeping merchandise displays fresh and ensuring timely stock replenishment.

Visual Merchandising: Collaborating with the Visual Merchandising team, you'll craft captivating displays that capture customers' attention and drive engagement, ultimately boosting sales.

Training and Development: Supporting the ongoing training and development of store staff is key to maintaining a high-performance team. Your role involves providing coaching, feedback, and conducting performance evaluations to nurture talent within the organization.

Operational Excellence: From cash handling to opening/closing procedures, you'll assist in managing store operations while ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures, promoting efficiency at every step.

Loss Prevention: Together with the Store Manager, you'll implement effective loss prevention strategies to safeguard the store's assets and maintain a secure shopping environment for customers.

Team Building: Foster a positive and collaborative team environment by promoting teamwork and a strong work ethic among store staff, creating a culture of success and camaraderie.

Qualifications for Success

To thrive in this role, candidates should possess:

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A Grade 12 certificate or equivalent qualification.

At least 3 years of experience in retail.

Previous management experience is advantageous.

Proficiency in sales and service management.

Strong budgeting skills.

Computer literacy.

Excellent communication skills.

A deep understanding of retail trade, brand, customer, and product dynamics.

Join Mr Price Sport's winning team as an Assistant Store Manager and play an essential role in shaping the future of sports retail.

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